Toroweap Overlook



The Colorado River from Toroweap Overlook

On October 8, 2016, I took a day trip with some friends from Vegas to Grand Canyon National Park’s Toroweap Overlook.  The motivation for this trip was in part to be out of communication range while the Washington Huskies played my Oregon Ducks.

This is a rather grueling trip that takes you north from Las Vegas into Arizona, Utah, and back to Arizona again.  The final 80 miles are on a progressively rougher dirt and rock road that ends at a little known and visited part of the Grand Canyon.  Four wheel drive is needed and I have gotten a flat tire on 2 of the 3 times I have been there!


Colorado City, Arizona

On the way to the Overlook, you pass through Colorado City, Arizona.  This little town is right on the Arizona/Utah border and is the home of the Fundamentalist Mormon Church.  The former leader, Warren Jeffs, was a resident of this town before being arrested in 2008.

On a family trip in 2007, we stopped at the service station pictured above to repair a flat tire.  As we were waiting for the car, local children began to appear to look at us.  The girls all had on their calico dresses and the boys long sleeve shirts with suspenders.  It was a real time warp!


Looking 3000 feet down at boats in the Colorado River

While the view into the canyon is incredible, the remoteness of Toroweap is what makes it special for me.  You can drive right up to the rim and climb over rocks at the edge of the cliff with no hand rials in sight.  The largest crowd I have ever seen at this spot is 4 people.  You really have the canyon to yourself!

If you are lucky, you can watch a boat float through the canyon and tackle Lava Falls, one of the biggest rapids in Grand Canyon.

Big thanks to Glenn and Larry for a great day!  And yes, the Huskies did crush the Ducks.

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