The Poudre River Canyon


The Poudre River Canyon near Fort Collins, CO

I have to give my son Jackson credit.  He chose a pretty great place to go to college.  Jackson is currently a junior at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado where he studies political science and runs on the track and cross country teams.  We visited him for the weekend of Oct 28-30, 2016.

While we were there, we all took a short drive up the Poudre River Canyon.  You quickly get out of the city and climb up into the Rocky Mountains along a beautiful river.  We stopped for a hike at Gateway Park and after a short distance, got some great views of the canyon and river.


A little further up the river, we stopped for lunch at the Mishawaka Inn.  A friend at work had recommended this spot and it did not disappoint.  We ate lunch on the patio overlooking the river and walked around the concert amphitheater.

A beautiful day in Colorado with Jackson!


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